Oscar Review

As many of you may know the Oscars were last night and as usual there is a lot to reflect on.

I am a generally big movie buff. I appreciate the art behind a great film, the acting, directing, producing and especially the writing. As much as I would love to talk about the films and what not here this will mainly be a review on the Oscars themselves as a pop culture event.

First of all, thank God Leo finally won his Oscar. His win is as overdue as it was deserved. I haven’t seen The Revenant but he has been a top tier actor for quite some time now and it’s nice to see him finally take it home. However, the Oscars seem almost the same every year. We have Leo, we have Hanks, Blanchett, Streep, Spielberg, the next big thing, the underdogs and the dark horses, the touching musical performance, and several other themes that play into the Oscars year after year. Nothing wrong with it, just an interesting observation to the themes that happen every year.

Secondly, Chris Rock was good, not great. We all know the race card was going to be played all night by the amount of controversy that happened leading up to it and he went along with it pretty well. A typical silly Chris Rock humor that I enjoyed most of. He didn’t really cross any lines and they did an extremely good job with the satirical humors here and there. My favorite was the black history month tribute which ended with them showing appreciation for Jack Black when you thought they were going to pay tribute to Will Smith. Great plot twist at the end that had me dying of laughter.

Third of all, way too preachy. It felt like every single person had their own opportunity to preach about some “issue” or another. There was race, sexuality, climate change, politics, and rape. All of them play significant roles in the way we are forming our future as a society. But, too preachy. The more everybody keeps talking about these issues, the more prevalent and stronger they become. These issues will probably never go away. We will always have racists, homophobes, bad politicians, and rapists. The idea is to ignore them. Stop giving them attention and focus on other, possibly larger, issues. If anybody needs to be told not to rape or hate then we probably shouldn’t waste our time trying to tell them it’s wrong because they’re already a terrible person.

Lastly, the lack of comedic power is astounding. Kevin Hart and Sacha Baron Cohen are so unfunny it hurts to hear them talk. I hate Kevin Hart with every fiber in my body. His comedy is nothing short of awful repeated jokes being yelled at you with no premise or purpose. Sacha Baron Cohen can try desperately to recreate Borat in other characters personas but it will never happen again. His impersonations may be good but the dialogue and the ideas behind his movies are small minded and becoming unoriginal because of their similarity to Borat. I will say this however, Louis C.K. killed it. He is easily my favorite comedian alive and one of my favorites of all time behind George Carlin. It was a breath of fresh air to have him present an award this year and he presented the perfect award for Louis C.K. If you have never heard his stand up before I highly recommend it and you will see what I mean when I say that it was perfect. You can see the thought process he takes to get to his jokes and the writing he does for the jokes is incredible. Nothing like it out there meanwhile we have 20 other Kevin Harts.

Overall a decent Oscar night. Too preachy for my liking, some surprises (best picture to Spotlight???), and a clean-up by Mad Max.


Common Sense Tip of the Day: #6

#6 – Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Where the hell has this gone?? This used to be one of the most important lessons we learned as kids. Now we have microaggressions. Which my spellcheck doesn’t even recognize as a word. If somebody says something that hurts your feelings smile and move on. The idea that words can be harmful is astoundingly stupid to me and a complete waste of time and energy. There are so many other bigger issues to worry about in this world and people focus on using the right words to describe somebody. It’s no longer spokesman it’s spokesperson, policeman is police officer, which are all fine and what not but they started the slippery slope to these microaggressions. We now have a community dedicated to coming up with new gender-neutral pronouns like xe, xer, and xyr (seriously, it actually exists, look it up). We already have gender neutral pronouns. If the word they hurts your feelings, seriously reevaluate your life and the problems you have because the problem of using the right pronoun is so unbelievably microscopic in the grand scheme of the world.

Common Sense Tip of the Day: #5

#5 – Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Yes we all learned this as children and have heard it hundreds of times growing up however, it is easy to forget the lessons we learned at such a young age. I don’t care what color, size, or shape you are I won’t judge you until I actually get a chance to talk to you. If you’re fat and wear Mario shirts I won’t judge you until I talk to you just like if you’ve got the classic 36, 24, 26 measurements I’m not going to judge you until you talk to me. You have all the freedom to judge people for their words and actions but do not judge a person for how they look. That doesn’t just go for white people either that goes for everybody in today’s world. Don’t judge think every college student is lazy and just likes to drink, don’t judge all police officers because a few of them made stupid decisions, etc. If you get to know somebody for the person they are it is perfectly acceptable to then tell them you don’t like them. It’s not an insult it’s just how it is, there are people that will like you and people that will dislike you. Just don’t like or dislike anybody for how they look.

The Topical Punch: The Ghetto Party

Horrible attempt at a punny name I know but, hey I had to start somewhere.

Today I will be discussing the recent events at Fairfield University which may be old news by now but I wanted to put my own twist on it. If you haven’t heard yet here are a few links.

Everybody and their mother can see how ignorant and unbelievably stupid it was for students to do this. It’s 2016 and you still pull this kind of stunt? Just stupid. But, was it wrong?


However, I am here to go beyond the obvious and to shed light on what every other media outlet and person is refusing talking about.

Keep in mind I should be the first to jump out here and call out Fairfield University students because of the fact that I go to their rival school. But since everybody else is doing that for me, I won’t add salt to the wound.

Everybody is screaming out about racially insensitive stereotypes from this ghetto themed party and why? I don’t know. There were no reports of black-face being used or any other racial prejudices shown from the party. Just a bunch of rich white kids dressing up for a themed party much like a toga party or something similar. There’s also this really cool cultural phenomenon that’s been going on for quite some time now in which people dress up like different things all the time. It’s called Halloween. I was a gangster once for Halloween and nobody said anything. Nobody defends the Greek when people throw toga parties.

So I am here to not call the kids who threw the party racist, but to call all of you jumping to conclusions about whatever racially insensitive stereotypes did(n’t) go on there racist. You are doing nothing but reemphasizing that racial stereotypes still exist! But nobody bats an eye because nobody takes the time to research and find out the facts for themselves.

So a ghetto, as defined as almost everywhere I found, is a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups. Soooooo how can a ghetto themed party be racist? Because it’s accurate?? And even by that it wasn’t accurate because nobody was wearing black-face or showing any signs of doing anything racist. A toga party isn’t racist because it is accurate to a certain culture. Halloween isn’t racist because… because I don’t even know why. Girls get to dress slutty and kids get candy I guess? St. Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t racist. Again I don’t know why. There are thousands of non-Irish people dressing in green clothing doing nothing but drinking a lot of Irish alcohol and eating Irish food. What would happen if some house in the ghetto threw a suburban high school party (much like the ones I used to have, sorry Mom) with kids singing karaoke and drinking Bud Light Limes or Mr. Boston vodka (brings back bad memories or lack thereof) (much like the ones I used to have, sorry Mom)? Nobody would care at all. People would call it courageous and original.

Here is my favorite link, I didn’t post it up top because many of you wouldn’t even read what happened and just read the headline but it’s a perfect example of just how bad our media is today and how people begin to form opinions without research.

In the headlines you can clearly read what I have been saying this entire time not to be true, that students were wearing black-face make-up. BUT just keep reading I’ll wait….

THERE YOU GO! Just a little further down the page they blatantly and straight out tell you that they were lying! “’We have confirmed that it was ‘ghetto’ themed, but we have not confirmed that there were any students in blackface or in brown makeup. We have seen no photographic evidence, and none of the students interviewed have mentioned anything of the sort.’”

WHAT. THE. HELL. Why is the media still allowed to do this?? Them lying like that is the virtual equivalent of them spitting in your mouth. Literally using race as a selling point so that people will read their articles and freak out on some other social media channel telling us how terrible this world is and how we need to change as they sit there and try to act all high and mighty when, really, they are the problem.

Many people I have spoken to here on my campus are quick to judge the Fairfield University students for what they did calling it “extremely racist” others prefer the term “racially insensitive.” So when I ask them why it was racist their answer is typically well it was a ghetto themed so there was all kinds of racial stereotypes when in reality there were no races targeted. Then when I tell them that there was actually no black-face or any specific race or ethnicity being stereotyped at the party they start to try to defend themselves. Which in turn makes me laugh because they clearly did not do any research or reading and are forming opinions without facts. At the same time they are refusing to swallow their pride and admit they were wrong.

If there were to come an article or a student to come out and admit they were using black-face I would happily admit I was wrong. But to me that is not the point here. The point here is don’t be too quick to judge. If you start forming opinions with no substance behind it and actually go into a conversation with people who know what they are talking about, you’re gonna have a bad time! Had to put some sort of South Park reference somewhere in this article. Anyway, you may have forgotten by now but I still do think this party was stupid and wrong in some way but it was not racist. It’s too bad I couldn’t publish my #3 common sense tip for these kids before the party.

Common Sense Tip of the Day: #4

#4 – Think before you speak.

Another underrated rule of thumb in our society. People in our generation walk around blurting out whatever obscenities and lies they feel like saying without thinking first. I am also very guilty of this sometimes. Really guilty. BUT we’re going to leave that alone so I don’t have to focus on how stupid I really am sometimes. Back to why this is a tip. We live in an unbelievably judgmental generation and everything that comes out of your mouth has the chance to be met with extreme scrutiny, so be careful. Next time you go to say anything, whether you’re answering a question in class or giving your friend relationship advice stop, and think if it would do more harm than good or if it just sounds stupid.

Common Sense Tip of the Day: #3

#3 – Every action has a consequence.

Another thing that may come as a shock to some of the millennials out there. There are so many stories today where somebody does something so profoundly stupid you sit there and wonder what was going through their mind while it was happening. Then those who committed this action act all surprised when it blows up in their face. For example, if you hit somebody else and get hit back don’t be surprised. This also can play in your favor believe it or not. Hard work yields great consequences. Putting in all the hard work to make it through college yields a head full of useful information (depending on your major). Staying loyal in a relationship can result in a much happier life. All-in-all our generation needs to remember this whether it’s before they act stupidly or when deciding if they should give full effort at work.

Common Sense Tip of the Day: #2

#2 – Respect your elders.

Today I visited my 89 year-old grandmother and was once again reminded of this rule. Something my 17 cousins, 3 siblings, and I have gotten beaten (sometimes literally) into us. As our family continues to grow this rule is continued on with each generation, so why do we millennials lack it so much? Do we only have respect for our family and friends? Why?

We think we deserve respect because we are in college and hard-working students and we’re good people and blah blah blah. Then we go ahead and disrespect our parents, our professors, and hard-working employees everywhere we go. That is usually referred to as being an asshole but we’ll stay away from that so I don’t hurt any of the millennials precious feelings. If you think you deserve respect for doing whatever you’ve done in your twenty-something years here on earth (which I can guarantee you is miniscule), think about how much respect your elders then deserve, because they have been through almost 10x more.  Being respectful is so much easier than being disrespectful and people need to learn that.

Common Sense Tip of the Day: #1

Here I will start my new segment which I will be updating (or trying to update) every day. Nothing too lengthy just a little write up on common sense.

A little insight on why I am doing this is because common sense is becoming more and more scarce as the millennial’s grow stronger and stronger in comparison to the other generations. There is little to no common sense in several members of our generation and I am here to give them a little insight on how to act in simple, everyday situations. That and I need to motivate my lazy ass to update this blog every day. Here we go!


#1 – The Golden Rule.

Simple and so effective. Something almost all of us have heard of and learned about before. Yet so few, SO FEW of us millennials follow this rule. Treat others the way you would like to be treated for those of you who forgot what the golden rule was. A basic guideline in almost all religions and lifestyles. Simply put: don’t be an asshole. It is so easy to be a decent person; you don’t need to be a great person or even a good person, just decent. There is no need for anybody to go around treating people like garbage for no reason. Then when karma finally hits them in the face, they complain about it. Just act towards others the way you would want them to act towards you. That is why I try to be outright blunt and straight-forward. I am not mean I just tell it how it is in the most honest way possible. So next time you go to open your mouth to diss somebody without any precedent, think, would it be okay if I were talking to myself?

Religion and the Millennials

Alright so this extremely touchy subject may disappoint some of you but I’m going to do it anyway because it’s Sunday so why not.

In the millennial generation we are filled with diversity throughout race, genders, and especially religion. We are filled with Islams, Jews, Catholics, Atheists, etc. that are thrown together in a huge melting pot of diversity, and it is not always exactly pretty. However, in the new wave of PC culture everybody is going around preaching acceptance of everyone.

Now, acceptance is a nice idea and all but we have it all wrong. Nobody should accept everybody that’s just stupid. There will always be people whom you don’t like; whether they are black, white, Christian, Jewish, fat, skinny, tall, or short, there will always be people you don’t want to accept into your life. It’s natural.

However, with all the freedom fighters and preachers and PC, safe space, trigger happy (that was a play on words for those who don’t know, PC people get “triggered” if they find something offensive), agents of acceptance, if I do not like somebody and that person happens to be a different race, gender, or religion than me, I get blamed for being racist, sexist, etc.

We preach acceptance when we really mean to preach against discrimination. Our generation has our priorities all mixed up. There are those who will discriminate for not accepting which is so backwards I can’t even (for all the basic sorority girls out there, you’re welcome).

This is one of my favorite aspects of our generation in our world today: the misunderstanding of acceptance and non-discrimination. If I were to discriminate against somebody and actually be racist by saying something along the lines of “All Muslims are terrorists.” then yes you can discriminate against me freely. However, if I were to say something along the lines of “I don’t like to hang out with Catholics.” then that isn’t me discriminating that is a personal opinion. You have every right to not hang out with certain people and by doing so you aren’t discriminating against them you are simply not accepting them.

Before this post gets too long I will finish with this: There is no need to accept everybody but do not discriminate against certain people for their beliefs or color of their skin or whatever else. If we accepted everybody into our life it would be chaos. Everybody would be walking around with smiles on their face all the time always waving to each other and everybody would agree on everything. Conflict is a necessary aspect of our society and we always see it as a bad thing when it isn’t. There are such things as healthy conflicts but when everybody is too busy pointing fingers for discrimination when really we are simply following our own paths, unhealthy conflicts arise.

Don’t discriminate anybody. Don’t accept everybody.

Gossip: The Lowest Form of Conversation

Newsflash ladies! If you focus all your conversational energy on talking about what Sarah did last night, you may be unintelligent!

Gossip is easily the lowest form of conversation out there. It requires zero intelligence and zero creativity and originality. Gossiping shows that you lack the ability to be an individual and you focus your time on other people rather than yourself.

There used to be a small poster in one of my classrooms in high school and although I do not remember it perfectly, it said something along the lines of: “Small people talk about other people. Good people talk about things. Great people talk about ideas.”

Now, our generation, and not only the girls the guys in our generation gossip a lot too (I call them guys and not men for reasons that will be touched on another day), and it is making us look awful. Next time you and your buddies are hanging out and that one kid isn’t there, instead of talking about him, why don’t you try discussing something useful? Politics, society, your future (or lack thereof), etc. Stop concerning yourselves with the actions of others. It is their life let them live it.

Nobody is perfect, not even me, so there will still be times when you do talk about other people and I am guilty of it as well. However, the moral here is to be conscious of what you talk about because it could very well influence others perception of your intelligence.