Gossip: The Lowest Form of Conversation

Newsflash ladies! If you focus all your conversational energy on talking about what Sarah did last night, you may be unintelligent!

Gossip is easily the lowest form of conversation out there. It requires zero intelligence and zero creativity and originality. Gossiping shows that you lack the ability to be an individual and you focus your time on other people rather than yourself.

There used to be a small poster in one of my classrooms in high school and although I do not remember it perfectly, it said something along the lines of: “Small people talk about other people. Good people talk about things. Great people talk about ideas.”

Now, our generation, and not only the girls the guys in our generation gossip a lot too (I call them guys and not men for reasons that will be touched on another day), and it is making us look awful. Next time you and your buddies are hanging out and that one kid isn’t there, instead of talking about him, why don’t you try discussing something useful? Politics, society, your future (or lack thereof), etc. Stop concerning yourselves with the actions of others. It is their life let them live it.

Nobody is perfect, not even me, so there will still be times when you do talk about other people and I am guilty of it as well. However, the moral here is to be conscious of what you talk about because it could very well influence others perception of your intelligence.


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