Common Sense Tip of the Day: #1

Here I will start my new segment which I will be updating (or trying to update) every day. Nothing too lengthy just a little write up on common sense.

A little insight on why I am doing this is because common sense is becoming more and more scarce as the millennial’s grow stronger and stronger in comparison to the other generations. There is little to no common sense in several members of our generation and I am here to give them a little insight on how to act in simple, everyday situations. That and I need to motivate my lazy ass to update this blog every day. Here we go!


#1 – The Golden Rule.

Simple and so effective. Something almost all of us have heard of and learned about before. Yet so few, SO FEW of us millennials follow this rule. Treat others the way you would like to be treated for those of you who forgot what the golden rule was. A basic guideline in almost all religions and lifestyles. Simply put: don’t be an asshole. It is so easy to be a decent person; you don’t need to be a great person or even a good person, just decent. There is no need for anybody to go around treating people like garbage for no reason. Then when karma finally hits them in the face, they complain about it. Just act towards others the way you would want them to act towards you. That is why I try to be outright blunt and straight-forward. I am not mean I just tell it how it is in the most honest way possible. So next time you go to open your mouth to diss somebody without any precedent, think, would it be okay if I were talking to myself?


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