Common Sense Tip of the Day: #2

#2 – Respect your elders.

Today I visited my 89 year-old grandmother and was once again reminded of this rule. Something my 17 cousins, 3 siblings, and I have gotten beaten (sometimes literally) into us. As our family continues to grow this rule is continued on with each generation, so why do we millennials lack it so much? Do we only have respect for our family and friends? Why?

We think we deserve respect because we are in college and hard-working students and we’re good people and blah blah blah. Then we go ahead and disrespect our parents, our professors, and hard-working employees everywhere we go. That is usually referred to as being an asshole but we’ll stay away from that so I don’t hurt any of the millennials precious feelings. If you think you deserve respect for doing whatever you’ve done in your twenty-something years here on earth (which I can guarantee you is miniscule), think about how much respect your elders then deserve, because they have been through almost 10x more.  Being respectful is so much easier than being disrespectful and people need to learn that.


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