The Topical Punch: The Ghetto Party

Horrible attempt at a punny name I know but, hey I had to start somewhere.

Today I will be discussing the recent events at Fairfield University which may be old news by now but I wanted to put my own twist on it. If you haven’t heard yet here are a few links.

Everybody and their mother can see how ignorant and unbelievably stupid it was for students to do this. It’s 2016 and you still pull this kind of stunt? Just stupid. But, was it wrong?


However, I am here to go beyond the obvious and to shed light on what every other media outlet and person is refusing talking about.

Keep in mind I should be the first to jump out here and call out Fairfield University students because of the fact that I go to their rival school. But since everybody else is doing that for me, I won’t add salt to the wound.

Everybody is screaming out about racially insensitive stereotypes from this ghetto themed party and why? I don’t know. There were no reports of black-face being used or any other racial prejudices shown from the party. Just a bunch of rich white kids dressing up for a themed party much like a toga party or something similar. There’s also this really cool cultural phenomenon that’s been going on for quite some time now in which people dress up like different things all the time. It’s called Halloween. I was a gangster once for Halloween and nobody said anything. Nobody defends the Greek when people throw toga parties.

So I am here to not call the kids who threw the party racist, but to call all of you jumping to conclusions about whatever racially insensitive stereotypes did(n’t) go on there racist. You are doing nothing but reemphasizing that racial stereotypes still exist! But nobody bats an eye because nobody takes the time to research and find out the facts for themselves.

So a ghetto, as defined as almost everywhere I found, is a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups. Soooooo how can a ghetto themed party be racist? Because it’s accurate?? And even by that it wasn’t accurate because nobody was wearing black-face or showing any signs of doing anything racist. A toga party isn’t racist because it is accurate to a certain culture. Halloween isn’t racist because… because I don’t even know why. Girls get to dress slutty and kids get candy I guess? St. Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t racist. Again I don’t know why. There are thousands of non-Irish people dressing in green clothing doing nothing but drinking a lot of Irish alcohol and eating Irish food. What would happen if some house in the ghetto threw a suburban high school party (much like the ones I used to have, sorry Mom) with kids singing karaoke and drinking Bud Light Limes or Mr. Boston vodka (brings back bad memories or lack thereof) (much like the ones I used to have, sorry Mom)? Nobody would care at all. People would call it courageous and original.

Here is my favorite link, I didn’t post it up top because many of you wouldn’t even read what happened and just read the headline but it’s a perfect example of just how bad our media is today and how people begin to form opinions without research.

In the headlines you can clearly read what I have been saying this entire time not to be true, that students were wearing black-face make-up. BUT just keep reading I’ll wait….

THERE YOU GO! Just a little further down the page they blatantly and straight out tell you that they were lying! “’We have confirmed that it was ‘ghetto’ themed, but we have not confirmed that there were any students in blackface or in brown makeup. We have seen no photographic evidence, and none of the students interviewed have mentioned anything of the sort.’”

WHAT. THE. HELL. Why is the media still allowed to do this?? Them lying like that is the virtual equivalent of them spitting in your mouth. Literally using race as a selling point so that people will read their articles and freak out on some other social media channel telling us how terrible this world is and how we need to change as they sit there and try to act all high and mighty when, really, they are the problem.

Many people I have spoken to here on my campus are quick to judge the Fairfield University students for what they did calling it “extremely racist” others prefer the term “racially insensitive.” So when I ask them why it was racist their answer is typically well it was a ghetto themed so there was all kinds of racial stereotypes when in reality there were no races targeted. Then when I tell them that there was actually no black-face or any specific race or ethnicity being stereotyped at the party they start to try to defend themselves. Which in turn makes me laugh because they clearly did not do any research or reading and are forming opinions without facts. At the same time they are refusing to swallow their pride and admit they were wrong.

If there were to come an article or a student to come out and admit they were using black-face I would happily admit I was wrong. But to me that is not the point here. The point here is don’t be too quick to judge. If you start forming opinions with no substance behind it and actually go into a conversation with people who know what they are talking about, you’re gonna have a bad time! Had to put some sort of South Park reference somewhere in this article. Anyway, you may have forgotten by now but I still do think this party was stupid and wrong in some way but it was not racist. It’s too bad I couldn’t publish my #3 common sense tip for these kids before the party.


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