Common Sense Tip of the Day: #5

#5 – Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Yes we all learned this as children and have heard it hundreds of times growing up however, it is easy to forget the lessons we learned at such a young age. I don’t care what color, size, or shape you are I won’t judge you until I actually get a chance to talk to you. If you’re fat and wear Mario shirts I won’t judge you until I talk to you just like if you’ve got the classic 36, 24, 26 measurements I’m not going to judge you until you talk to me. You have all the freedom to judge people for their words and actions but do not judge a person for how they look. That doesn’t just go for white people either that goes for everybody in today’s world. Don’t judge think every college student is lazy and just likes to drink, don’t judge all police officers because a few of them made stupid decisions, etc. If you get to know somebody for the person they are it is perfectly acceptable to then tell them you don’t like them. It’s not an insult it’s just how it is, there are people that will like you and people that will dislike you. Just don’t like or dislike anybody for how they look.


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