Common Sense Tip of the Day: #6

#6 – Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Where the hell has this gone?? This used to be one of the most important lessons we learned as kids. Now we have microaggressions. Which my spellcheck doesn’t even recognize as a word. If somebody says something that hurts your feelings smile and move on. The idea that words can be harmful is astoundingly stupid to me and a complete waste of time and energy. There are so many other bigger issues to worry about in this world and people focus on using the right words to describe somebody. It’s no longer spokesman it’s spokesperson, policeman is police officer, which are all fine and what not but they started the slippery slope to these microaggressions. We now have a community dedicated to coming up with new gender-neutral pronouns like xe, xer, and xyr (seriously, it actually exists, look it up). We already have gender neutral pronouns. If the word they hurts your feelings, seriously reevaluate your life and the problems you have because the problem of using the right pronoun is so unbelievably microscopic in the grand scheme of the world.


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