Oscar Review

As many of you may know the Oscars were last night and as usual there is a lot to reflect on.

I am a generally big movie buff. I appreciate the art behind a great film, the acting, directing, producing and especially the writing. As much as I would love to talk about the films and what not here this will mainly be a review on the Oscars themselves as a pop culture event.

First of all, thank God Leo finally won his Oscar. His win is as overdue as it was deserved. I haven’t seen The Revenant but he has been a top tier actor for quite some time now and it’s nice to see him finally take it home. However, the Oscars seem almost the same every year. We have Leo, we have Hanks, Blanchett, Streep, Spielberg, the next big thing, the underdogs and the dark horses, the touching musical performance, and several other themes that play into the Oscars year after year. Nothing wrong with it, just an interesting observation to the themes that happen every year.

Secondly, Chris Rock was good, not great. We all know the race card was going to be played all night by the amount of controversy that happened leading up to it and he went along with it pretty well. A typical silly Chris Rock humor that I enjoyed most of. He didn’t really cross any lines and they did an extremely good job with the satirical humors here and there. My favorite was the black history month tribute which ended with them showing appreciation for Jack Black when you thought they were going to pay tribute to Will Smith. Great plot twist at the end that had me dying of laughter.

Third of all, way too preachy. It felt like every single person had their own opportunity to preach about some “issue” or another. There was race, sexuality, climate change, politics, and rape. All of them play significant roles in the way we are forming our future as a society. But, too preachy. The more everybody keeps talking about these issues, the more prevalent and stronger they become. These issues will probably never go away. We will always have racists, homophobes, bad politicians, and rapists. The idea is to ignore them. Stop giving them attention and focus on other, possibly larger, issues. If anybody needs to be told not to rape or hate then we probably shouldn’t waste our time trying to tell them it’s wrong because they’re already a terrible person.

Lastly, the lack of comedic power is astounding. Kevin Hart and Sacha Baron Cohen are so unfunny it hurts to hear them talk. I hate Kevin Hart with every fiber in my body. His comedy is nothing short of awful repeated jokes being yelled at you with no premise or purpose. Sacha Baron Cohen can try desperately to recreate Borat in other characters personas but it will never happen again. His impersonations may be good but the dialogue and the ideas behind his movies are small minded and becoming unoriginal because of their similarity to Borat. I will say this however, Louis C.K. killed it. He is easily my favorite comedian alive and one of my favorites of all time behind George Carlin. It was a breath of fresh air to have him present an award this year and he presented the perfect award for Louis C.K. If you have never heard his stand up before I highly recommend it and you will see what I mean when I say that it was perfect. You can see the thought process he takes to get to his jokes and the writing he does for the jokes is incredible. Nothing like it out there meanwhile we have 20 other Kevin Harts.

Overall a decent Oscar night. Too preachy for my liking, some surprises (best picture to Spotlight???), and a clean-up by Mad Max.


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