Common Sense Tip of the Day: #7

#7 – Honor your commitments

My parents were extremely strict on this rule and for good reason. There is no reason to make a commitment if you are only going to honor it occasionally. I played several sports growing up and as much as I despised or dreaded going to practices, I still went because I knew these things came with the commitment when I made it. When you fail to honor your commitment it speaks to your character, or lack thereof. Dishonoring a commitment shows those who made the commitment with you (other players, significant others, etc.) that you do not give full effort and in turn forces them to question your loyalty. It also speaks to your selfishness; you only honored the commitment when it was convenient for you and left all the others, who are in the same boat as you, out to dry. So next time you decide to skip class, miss a practice, or cheat on your significant other, don’t go questioning what went wrong. It was you and your lack of character.


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