Common Sense Tip of the Day: #8

#8 – Be grateful

“What do you say?” Infamous words we all heard our parents repeat to us time and time again. The answer was thank you. We were forced to rehearse this every time we were given something whether it was our birthday, Halloween, or Christmas. It didn’t matter if somebody was giving me a bike or a ring pop, I always said thank you. This tip extends beyond being grateful and into the full spectrum of just having manners in general that our generation has seem to completely forgotten about. Constantly seeing people refuse to say thank you for holding the door, the consistent rudeness towards any and all employees in the restaurant, fast food, and retail industries (and others like that), and the complete lack of respect towards each other shows that manners are an abundant commodity in today’s society. Just be grateful when somebody does something for you, it’s so simple. Manners are part of what separates us from the animals (that and opposable thumbs) so keep that in mind for next time a situation that requires manners arises.


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