Common Sense Tip of the Day: #9

#9 – Look both ways before you cross the road

With two midterms yesterdaay I was busy studying and taking those midterms rather than thinking about this blog post because I have to have priorities in my life. So I apologize if this tip is a little weaker than the others and that it’s late but whatever, it still matters.

When living on a campus you have to walk almost everywhere and you notice a few, or more than a few, that don’t know proper walking etiquette like walking on the right side and don’t stop in the middle of the busiest hallway to talk to your friends but those are not the focus. No I am going to focus on a quite funnier problem I have noticed when kids are trying to cross the street. Everybody sits at the crosswalk and waits for that little walking sign to light up telling them it’s safe to cross. A generation full of kids that can’t think on their own is terrifying. I don’t need this sign to tell me when to cross I simply look both ways and if nothing is coming my way, I cross. Usually I make it across alive too it’s amazing. The other day there were like eight people waiting and no cars coming and I walked across and all eight of the kids looked at me like I was Moses parting the Red Sea. Another problem is walking when you’re not supposed too. This usually comes from the kids that are too preoccupied with whatever is on their phone, because that’s more important than the risk of being hit by a car obviously. Probably playing Crossy Road too which would make all the more ironic. Again, simple rules that we simply can’t follow because we are a generation that needs to be told how to think, dress, act, etc. If we don’t start thinking for ourselves we’re doomed.


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