Problems with Role Models and How we Follow Them

Having a role model is great and all but there comes a point where you have to draw the line.

Such people like Eminem, Steve Jobs, and Jimi Hendrix are and/or have been role models to many people and for good reason. They were pioneers of their art and excelled at producing quality pieces of work.

Now, we look at them and the lives they live/lived and say “Wow that person was truly amazing at their craft, I want to be like them.” Then because we are interested in them and what they do we begin to look more into their lives.

I chose these three people to focus on for specific reasons but don’t get me wrong there are other people out there that I did not mention that can follow this rule as well. Anyway, I chose these three because they have without a doubt had a large impact on several lives in a positive way. However, they also were avid drug users. Which may or may not play into what they did.

That’s where we should draw the line for our role models. Not at drugs, but at any negative trait we find. Not to say we should no longer look up to these people because we should, as I said before they were pioneers of their art. Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist of all time and one of the greatest instrumentalists ever. Eminem is easily in the discussion for the best rapper of all time and in my opinion, can be considered one of the greatest lyricists ever. Steve Jobs revolutionized technology and has made contributions to our society that have brought us to where we are today and without him, who knows where we would be.

However, we have people looking up to them and reflecting on their lives and saying “Hey they did drugs and are unbelievably successful so I can do that too.”

No you can’t.

By all means go ahead and do drugs, I can’t tell you how to live but if you do don’t expect to be the next Jimi Hendrix. These three got to where they are because of their motivation, talent, and education on their respective crafts.

Rather than focusing on trying to be exactly like them and replicating their lives, focus on what they did correctly and their positive characteristics. I am sure that all three would absolutely admit that they have done wrong in their lives and to not do exactly as they did.

So look up to people sure, but just make sure your judgement doesn’t get clouded because of your affection towards them and what they do. Take the good traits from great people such as Eminem, Steve Jobs, and Jimi Hendrix and form your own personality and focus on making yourself great and greatness will come.


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