Common Sense Tip of the Week: #1

For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook I have decided to do a Common Sense Tip of the Week rather than the day as I know there will be times in the future when I will not be able to keep up with it. Anyways, let’s get started.


#1 – Don’t interrupt anybody.

Continuing with the theme of lessons learned in our childhood this one was one of the hardest for me to learn. As a child I was a motor-mouth, talking 24/7 and I was really loud too and I didn’t notice when I was being too loud until somebody told me to shut up. However this was a lesson I learned most with my parents. Whenever we were at any sort of family party and I needed something I would obnoxiously run up to one of my parents and pull the typical kid act “Mom! Mom! Mom!” until she turned around and said “I’m talking right now wait till I’m done!” As a kid I was always puzzled. I was the only thing that mattered my mom should pay attention to me how could she have done that? And to those of you who go around interrupting others’ conversations just know that’s exactly how you look. Like a kid tugging at their parents shirt screaming for attention. Knowing not to interrupt a conversation is just a product of maturity. Unless you do it on purpose while a person is talking to you, then it can be funny. To an extent of course. Again, keep this in mind next time you want to try to shove your unwanted opinion in a conversation that you’re not part of. Simple conversation etiquette.


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