Being Self-Aware

Let me know if you see the bad pun in that title. You may have to read the post first.


Everybody in your life has a perception of you and who you are as you have the same with them. It is important as an active member of society to know what you are and sometimes it’s not pretty.

I have friends that I consider to be hilarious, nice, and kindhearted  but I also have friends that I consider to be jerks, ignorant, and close-minded, but they know that’s what they are. Along with that, I know myself to be super smart, hysterical, really cool, and pretty much the greatest person ever.

Just kidding.

I know that I’m a goofball, a jackass, and very opinionated. Which is true because I just came up with those and asked my girlfriend and it’s confirmed that those are spot on so I can continue with my post.

The point to this is to be self-aware; know who you are. If you know who you are, what you are, and what you like then it leads to a happier life. That way when somebody calls you a jerk you can smile and say “Yes I am!” and move on while you’re smiling and that person is not. Compared to somebody calling you a jerk and trying to argue against and just causing more problems and therefore reinforcing the fact that you are indeed a jerk.

Not only will being self-aware help you to avoid more problems but it can help you surround yourself with the right type of people.

It is true when people say opposites attract. If you ever find somebody who is the exact same as you or similar to you, you will almost definitely not like them. Therefore, when you are aware and what type of person you are it will allow you to find the right people to hang out with more easily.

Being self-aware can also help you to not get offended so easily. When somebody insults you or points out that you are acting on a stereotype, again, just smile and move on.

Stereotypes are a huge part of being self-aware. I know that I am an average college male and I know that older adults will see me and immediately think “He probably does nothing but goes out to drink every weekend.” Which, hey, it’s true so who am I to argue with a true stereotype? They are just oversimplified realities that we take offense to because they have been used before with negative connotations when they are really just brutally honest truths.

Embrace yourself. Embrace the stereotypes. Know who you are and what you are and don’t let anybody or anything bother you. It all comes down to being the bigger person.


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