Common Sense Tip of the Week: #2

#2 – Don’t believe everything you hear.

This is becoming more and more relevant in today’s digital world. With the amount of creatively made-up articles and videos online it’s hard to distinguish what is true and what is false, especially for young kids and those who are easily persuaded. Obviously when we were younger it was simply to shy us away from believing everything our friends told us and that should still be taken into account for sure. However, it takes on an even stronger meaning with the internet being such a strong source of information for us. Even more so with the election coming up. People go around on Facebook and other social networks posting videos that they think help reinforce their views which is just ignorant, and I’ll go into politics and social media another time, because they weren’t actually there and they have no idea what actually happened. There are so many media outlets that destroy certain political candidates (Donald Trump) because they know there is a market for hatred against them. With that large market comes large profits which is all they care about. There will almost always be an ulterior motive behind most “news” and media articles. So next time you go reading an article or watching a video whether it be a how-to for fixing an engine or an article on World War II be sure to fact check with reliable sources so you don’t sound like an ignorant buffoon.


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