Common Sense Tip of the Week: #3

For all of you who got here from my Facebook page, keep in mind that I made that post just to test everybody out. I wanted to see how quickly you judged without looking beyond the headlines. Similar to what I wrote about in my article about the ghetto party a few weeks ago. So, for those of who you clicked this article then read it, congratulations. For those of you who just saw what I said on Facebook and then judged it from there on out, tisk-tisk. Anyways, here is the actual post!


#3 – If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


One of my personal favorites. I have always followed this rule whether it was while I was playing video games, how I play sports, or how I study and do my homework. These days we go around trying to fix everything and change things just for the fun of it. When we try to fix something that is not broken we end up creating more, unnecessary problems. This happens all the time in politics, business, education, etc. If one person makes a complaint that they don’t like the way something is done then everybody starts to scream out that we are being unfair towards them and that we must adjust everything to complement everybody’s needs. NEWSFLASH that will literally never happen. We live in an imperfect world where nothing will ever be perfect for everybody. If the political or education system isn’t working exactly the way you want it to, sorry but it is working just fine for a greater majority of people. You can’t go around telling people to fix things just to benefit yourself; that is what we call ignorant and selfish. So next time you try to start a movement or try to tailor something to your needs and cry out when it doesn’t go your way, just know that it didn’t work because nothing needed to be changed and you’re acting like a child. Keep this in mind after this next election too. That goes to all Sanders and Trump supporters.


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