Common Sense Tip of the Week: #4

#4 – Be a leader, not a follower.

A great tip I always heard from every adult I met in my younger years. It usually started with “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” That was always a stumper for me as a child because the obvious answer was no but I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong with that, though I knew there was. Now that I’m older I can see what was wrong: it is too extreme of an analogy for a child. We understand not to jump off cliffs but it was simply to teach us to take the road less traveled. This is something that should stick with everybody especially coming out of college or even going into college. Choose your own path and do what pleases you not your parents, friends, or anybody else. Sure it can be nice to please your friends and family but it is much more rewarding and satisfactory for yourself to focus on your happiness. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t do something just because you aren’t the first one to do it or because other people have done it before, it is simply saying that don’t act on something just because somebody else did. Follow your own path and it will lead to a more blissful life.


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