The American Culture and Where it has Gone

It has been a long time coming but I think it is safe to say we have officially lost sight of what defines the American culture.

We used to be the best. Best athletes, engineers, scientists, politicians, artists, etc. Well maybe not the best but we were some of the best and we had an abundance of confidence as well. Which my statement just encourages more American culture but I won’t go tooting my own horn.

Anyway, in the cultural and ethnical melting pot we call America today there is no single defined culture. We have Muslims shouting out that we need to accommodate their culture, Jews claiming they deserve just as much as the Catholics in America, we even have Americans crying out to change our own culture to better suit their wants and needs. With the onslaught of what we call PC culture, if we start accommodating to every single person we will be comprised of a nation full of spoiled brats that are used to getting whatever they ask for.

This is just a gentle reminder to all of those that would like us to modify our culture to suit your selfish person better that we will not do that. Or rather we should not do that.

With the amount of outcry for equality in all sorts of ways it would not be a surprise to see our government cave to these terrorist-like demands. “We want people to not be allowed to say this word.” “We want our religion to be recognized as a national religion.” So you want us to go against what this country was founded on? Free speech? Separation of church and state?

Listen here, have your beliefs, have your faith, follow your religion but do it by yourself. Don’t go around telling everybody that is what you believe in and forcing everybody to try to conform to you and your beliefs. You were the one that came to America well aware of its cultural values and norms DO NOT try to change them. If you don’t like the fact that we will not change our culture for yours, you are free to leave.

Now I know I am coming off a little strong on this one but I believe in this idea a lot. Every great country is unified by having a culture that they are all willing to accept and conform too. We still have the ideas of what makes a great culture but we do not practice them.

There are many directions our country could head in within the next few years and it is scary to think about many of the outcomes because it looks like one hell of a bumpy road.

We need to go back to the basics. Balance between right and wrong. Focus on yourself and your life. Keep to yourself. Help each other out. Unify ourselves as a people rather than pointing out our obvious differences and trying to shed light on them.

We are America. Land of the free and home of the brave. Founded by great people that fought for an actual cause. They didn’t fight to make sure people’s feelings didn’t get hurt they fought to liberate a people from tyranny. Don’t get me wrong we need to evolve and improve our country according to our world today but it is important not to forget about our roots as a country.


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