Memories and Making them Great

Memories are some of the most amazing things we have and they should not be taken lightly. However, lately we have forgotten how to make them great.

Constantly I am seeing Snapchat stories filled with over ten, yes TEN, minutes of videos while people are at a concert. Why? Is what’s happening on that app more exciting than the concert? Are you too busy seeking affection and approval from others that your forget you are at a concert?

Memories are made through an experience, not through photos and videos. When you take a video or photo of your experience rather than experiencing it, you won’t have as much to reminisce on later. Don’t get me wrong photos and videos can help you remember your experiences better but don’t focus on making the photos your memories.

It comes down to whether or not you want to remember the event or remember what pictures you took while you were there. This is a lost value in our generation as we have great photography tools in the palm of our hands. Combine that with the need to let everybody know what we are doing at all times just to seek approval and affection from them, we no longer make our memories through the experience but rather through a poorer quality version of the event. That is what pictures and videos are; a lesser quality version of what was actually happening.

Starting at a young age my parents taught me the value of an experience and I never truly grasped it until I was a senior in high school. My parents made sure to take us on great vacations, from traveling across the country in an RV with my whole family for a month to experiencing Italy with all my friends and family to going to several sports events. Through these vacations and adventures I learnt that it wasn’t about where we were going but about immersing yourself in the experience. Enjoy being there, enjoy being with those that are close to you, experience the differences to your everyday life and take those memories that you made there back with you.

Compare that to your focus being on capturing a great picture anywhere you go. Again not saying photos are a bad thing, just make sure you have your priorities in order. Experience first, photos second. You will have a much better time looking back at your experience through your own memory than you will looking back through all your photos and videos.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this blog post is only 442 as of right now. So pictures can definitely tell a story and help us relive a past experience, just be sure that next time you’re at some sort of concert, vacation or whatever, to make your experience great with those that are there with you. Do not focus on making your experience seem great to those people that aren’t even there with you because in the moment those people don’t matter.

If you don’t experience life it makes it hard to look back at what you did and say it was worth it. Just live your life and live it to its full potential and do not have any regrets at the end. Focus on living in the here and now rather than living in our virtual world of social media and the internet.


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