Common Sense Tip of the Week: #7

#7 – Know when enough is enough.

Ahh I can hear it now. My parents screaming at me telling me to know when enough is enough. Only fitting that I heard it again last week from my mom regarding these articles. I wrote my previous article this week because she made me realize I had lost track of what this blog was supposed to be. Therefore this will be my last common sense tip. So here goes.

Knowing when enough is enough is such a disregarded rule of thumb nowadays that it sometimes can come off as a talent. Me being one of the biggest abusers of this rule, go above and beyond “enough” quite often. Mainly because I like to stretch my limits and see how far I can take it. However that usually ends in somebody being angry with me or me just coming off as a jerk. Taking things to that length simply creates problems that are unnecessary and, most of the time, stupid. Next time, somebody is short with you because you take things too far, look back on what you did. Chances are you’ll sit there and wonder what you were thinking and why you would do that. Next time you are testing the limits just stop to think what will the consequences be if you keep taking things a step further.

Now that I am all done with these common sense tips there was simply just one reason for these: take some time to think rationally before acting. Not everything you do will be in a rational state of mind so if you need some time to think about the consequences of what you are doing or about to do, just take that extra minute. That and listen to your parents and elders, they know more than you do. So thanks to my mom and dad and my brother and sister for always teaching me these lessons, even though I probably never actually followed them when I was younger.


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