The Internet is our Brain

These days everything and anything we need is on the internet somewhere which severely cuts down the amount of time we spend thinking about something.

As always, I am an enormous accuser of this rule.

Don’t know that actor? Google it. Don’t know the answer to that homework problem? Google it. Not sure what year the Declaration of Independence was signed? It was 1776 you communist…

I kid I kid. Just Google it!

Yes it is actually 1776 so don’t actually go and Google it to fact check me.

However, getting back to the point, the internet has become a resource of knowledge for all those who have grown up and are growing up with it. Between Google, social media, Wikipedia, etc. kids are losing the ability to think and solve problems for themselves. If they are stuck or confused they have the answer right in the palm of their hands.

It’s similar to having the answers in the back of the book (ahh the good ol’ high school days where you try to convince your teacher to give you just odd problems because those answers were in the back). But we very rarely were given just odds. But I digress. We still had to solve those even problems by ourselves and once we began solving them, we found out it was quite simple and actually easier than looking up the answers.

These days you can Google a quiz question or a homework question and there will be websites that give you the answer to that problem and every other problem from that quiz or assignment. Kids don’t have to use their brain anymore because the internet is their brain.

I remember when I was a child playing video games I would spend hours exploring and battling my way through the game just to find this one thing, and eventually I would. These days kids just look up where it is and that’s it. No exploring, no battling, no fun! Again, I digress.

We could use these new superpowers (they are superpowers because you have the ability to know everything and anything that has ever happened practically) for good and we could use them in a way to better our future but we don’t. We are using these powers for evil.

It’s not so much the fact that we can do this, it’s more of the principle behind it. The principle of teaching kids “Oh you don’t actually have to think to solve problems you can just Google it.” That way when they get to the real world and they have a problem with somebody they are going to act all confused and then turn to Google and ask “How do you ask a girl out?” or “How do I find new friends?”

These are actual problems too because I remember having them. I remember going to my parents or my siblings or solving the problems myself! But they have never done that before so they don’t even know how to do that.

The internet is the single greatest resource of knowledge on our planet (besides Neil deGrasse Tyson obviously) and if we continue to abuse it and use it for meaningless purposes, we will continue to grow less and less intelligent as time goes on. Critical thinking and problem solving will be a thing of the past.


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