America the Diverse, Divided, and Divergent: Part 1 – The Diverse

I have been thinking of and working on this one for a long time. Much like the people of the U.S. have been waiting on this election for a long time, I have been waiting for something to happen that would finally break us apart.

And it seems the election has begun to do so.


First thing I want to do is reassure everybody that I did not take sides in this election. I was observing the election from afar but never getting involved. I did not like either side and felt each side had their pros and cons (as they always do.) However, in the end I was unable to choose which one I preferred and so I write this to you from a neutral perspective though some might find it one sided at times.

This entire election I saw from the beginning how historic it was going to be and how meaningful it was to everybody. So rather than pay much attention to each candidate and what they did, I started giving all of my attention to their supporters to see how they acted and what really defined them. Trump supporters were labeled as radical extremists, racists, misogynists, etc. and Hillary supporters were labeled PC, soft, weak-willed, etc. But, was that really the truth?

It seemed as if a war was going to break out between the supporters; the hate and love for each side was incredible, like nothing I have seen before. However, was there a side more radical than the other? Or were they equally as bad in nature? I had a lot of questions as you might imagine.

There always seemed to be tension between the sides, and I hate to be cliché but I can’t think of any other way to put it, but tension that you could cut with a knife. This tension was not going anywhere either, if anything it would only get worse.

The protests that went on during Trump rallies, the protests that blocked traffic from getting to Trump rallies, etc. little did they know that they were trying to protest democracy (which I know you have now heard several times after the election but I’m saying it anyway). They were protesting the freedoms given to the people and the presidential candidate by our great country. Protesters that thought they were right and so they took what action they thought was correct and *tried* to prevent the other side from even having a voice is astounding to me. When you look at it, they were protesting what they were fighting for and it baffles me to the highest degree.

That’s not to say there weren’t injustices done by the other side because there were numerous. However, the Trump supporters fit the bill of my previous article about The Radical 1%. There are an extreme 1% of Trump supporters that take things too far and give their group a bad name by being racist and bigoted idiots. That by no means provides them an excuse however, it needs to be realized that not every single Trump supporter is like that. Politics is about compromises and some people preferred his economic policies and what not to those of Hillary’s and if that meant compromising some political correctness (as seen by them) then they were okay with that.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes before you judge them. You know, the thing we were taught as children that we so easily seem to forget these days.

All these fights and protests kept going until the very end, November 8th and unlike many people I could not wait to see the results as I was so interested to see how both sides would react either way. I had my thoughts and ideas of what may happen if this side won or if that side won, and many of my “predictions” (I’ll call them that loosely as I have no proof I predicted these as I tend to keep to myself on social media) actually came to be a reality.

It has now become “The Entitled vs. The Crazy.”


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