America the Diverse, Divided, and Divergent: Part 3 – The Divergent

It’s done. Trump is our president and there is nothing that can be done to change that.

Which is weird because there were so many protests against him becoming president I’m shocked he was allowed considering some people did not want him.

Oh wait, that’s how our country has always and will always operate and I’m not shocked at all.

What really makes me think is how every time we have a new president, people feel the need to tell the other people they were wrong or that this shouldn’t be happening. The times when we need to come together and unite as a country are the times when we diverge ourselves the most.

Protesting is great and all, voicing your opinions is one of the most substantial foundations of our great country. However, when those opinions are voiced and mixed in with violence and rioting, that’s not okay. It is mind-boggling that people would even think to do that during protests that are meant to bring people together. What’s worse, is that in these so called protests, they spend time calling people misogynists, racists, sexist, etc. with no actual proof that they are. And all the while they are crying for unity they are shoving the people whom they don’t agree with, further and further away.

On the other side we have people screaming at the protesters for being unpatriotic. Which is also backwards and hypocritical because exercising the first amendment right to free speech is actually pretty patriotic. Though when these protests resort to violence and burning the American flag that is unpatriotic. But, as it is with the other group, it is a select few and the group of protesters should not be defined by the minority of wrongdoers.

Hypocritical? Yes. Misconstrued? Maybe. The fact that I get to sit and watch people belittle others because of their beliefs while they pretend everything they are doing is correct? Priceless. (that goes for both sides again)

In  politics, as a voter, a supporter, or a bystander, there is no right or wrong. However, people always make it seem that way. Rather than looking at it through the eyes of those on the opposing side, most of us just lash out at them and tell them they’re wrong and that they’re horrible people if they think that way. Instead of coming together to act as one we speak out against anything they do and refuse to help the system. Feel free to argue for your side and against the other but once it steps over the line of a simple debate that’s when people start going crazy.

When it comes down to it, anything President Trump does is met with mass amounts of criticism to tell him that he’s wrong. He could breathe in through his mouth and out through his nose and there would be this gigantic outcry of individuals claiming that he’s wrong. Probably something along the lines of “He can’t even breathe correctly! Why is he our president? We told you we were right!” For example his immigration “ban” that was met with extreme judgement. With claims such as that he’s already resorting to racism towards Muslim people. However, did you know that of the seven countries on this “ban” (Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Syria) only one of them is in the top ten of the list of countries with the highest Muslim population (Iran at number 7)? Meanwhile five of the seven are on the top ten list for global terror (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya at numbers 1, 5, 7, 8, and 9 respectively).

All I am saying is that not everything is what it first appears to be (common sense tip??). Take time to learn what else is going on and try to look at it from different angles, including the opposition’s point of view. Keep in mind this goes for President Trump and his supporters too. If President Trump didn’t want to receive backlash for his plans he should’ve banned all 10 countries in the top ten for global terror. Though he probably still would’ve received plenty of criticism because a number of those countries are on the top ten list of countries with the highest Muslim populations.

President Trump is in an exceptionally tight situation here. It’s almost a lose-lose for him. He is doing what he believes is right for the country and half of us agree and half of us don’t.

In that regard there is nothing new. We will always have disagreements. However, those disagreements are now being transformed into acts of divergence against the other side. California threatening to leave because they didn’t get their way is one of the most stuck up, pathetic things I have heard since I left college. They directly threatened to diverge our country without reason (okay they had a reason but does that actually count?).

All these unusual threats to split this country apart and little-to no attempts at uniting us as one. Our country works the way it does because of our diversity. Rather than exploiting it for personal gain whether it be good or bad, just shut up about it and move on. Do your part and focus on you rather than trying to get other people to participate in life the way you do.

So to all those opposing President Trump and his supporters and to all those opposing the protests and those freely voicing their opinions harmlessly and righteously, I ask you to stop dividing people into groups with defined characteristics. That gets us nowhere. You define the group with certain characteristics that most of them more than likely don’t possess. I am not asking for everybody to like everybody or to even accept them but follow your own beliefs and let others follow theirs. We need to work on creating a unified people rather than diverging whatever unity we have left. And when I say we I mean all of us, myself included.


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