Just a Small List of Small Problems

These are just some things that I think are becoming or have become problematic with millennials these days. Some situations that may be contributing to the lack of discipline and to the spoiled attitude of gen y. I feel that I need to reiterate that as is with every other blog, these are simply my opinions on the observations that I make. Any disagreements and arguments are welcomed!

  1. Rewards for lack of creativity and originality. Look at the “musicians” and “artists” that we listen to. Fetty Wap? Nicki Minaj? Drake? Meghan Trainor? We reward these people for singing songs about the same thing over and over again. There is no creativity, no storytelling, nothing besides catchy beats most likely made on a computer of some sort. If we continue rewarding people for their lack of originality that will just tell our youth and those that look up to these people, “Hey you can do what everybody else is doing if you want to.” We will have nobody dreaming of doing anything themselves it will just be people trying to do the same thing rather than trying to create something new.
  2. Overcomplicating our problems. Ironic right? It’s like problem-ception. This a problem about problems within a list of problems. Did I just blow your mind or what? I don’t even know if that’s right but it sounded like it. ANYWAY, we overcomplicate almost everything in our lives. We see somebody saying the wrong thing to another person as a serious problem and try to come up with these ridiculous solutions such as having everybody come together to make them feel better or offering up safe spaces to that person. You want to know what the solution used to be? You simply ignore them and walk away. It’s really quite amazing actually and extremely effective. Rather than holding a parade to celebrate the person overcoming such a travesty (slight hyperbole), let them deal with it on their own.
  3. Inability to swallow our pride. This is a big one for me here. I always hated how in class a teacher would ask a question of some sort that was meant to spark a debate and some student chimed in with “facts” (we’ll call them alternative facts for now (bah dum tss)) that they were unsure of. Then when the teacher or another student rebuttals with actual proof, they refuse to admit they were wrong and continue trying to save themselves. Man up, take a deep breath and admit you were wrong. I promise you that your reputation will not be hurt. If anything it will improve. It takes a lot more for a person to admit they were wrong than it is to continue making useless arguments.
  4. We look to stimulate our senses but not our minds. This is what I like to call Michael Bay Syndrome. How else does this man continue to be allowed to make movies without this fact? The movies are empty of plot and story structure and full of loud noises and pretty explosions. I’m sure if there was ever a way to incorporate smell into a movie, Michael Bay would make it be the smell of bacon the whole time no matter how irrelevant it is. Sorry, had to rant against him a little bit. However, it is true in movies and in many other situations. We are not looking for activities to stimulate our intellectual capabilities and rather we are looking for what looks similar to what we expected or what sounds like what we want to hear.
  5. Expecting things to come to us. Good things come to those who wait. This is a very misleading quote. Sure, sometimes you have to wait for something good to happen, such as a work promotion, however, if you are not actively working towards that promotion, don’t expect it to happen at all. This has been a problem with millennials for some time now. We expect all these things to happen to us for no reason. Everybody graduated college and expected to be employed right away cause they went to class for four years. Congratulations so did millions of other people. You’re not that special. It is a daily grind to get anywhere in life especially these days. If you want good things to happen to you, go out and make them happen and eventually, they will.
  6. We glorify everything because everything is captured on video. The cat is asleep?! OMG take a video! Why? Cats sleep almost all day, it’s not that cool. Moments like these are glorified because of our ability to just take a video whenever we want. Also, the reactions to the videos we get from others is most of the time, completely unnecessary. Now when something worthwhile actually gets captured on video it doesn’t seem that special because the reactions are similar to the reactions of a cat sleeping. Rewarding and glorifying that which does not deserve it, is creating the mindset that everything is worthy of being rewarded and glorified.

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