Just a Small List of Small Problems

These are just some things that I think are becoming or have become problematic with millennials these days. Some situations that may be contributing to the lack of discipline and to the spoiled attitude of gen y. I feel that I need to reiterate that as is with every other blog, these are simply my opinions on the observations that I make. Any disagreements and arguments are welcomed!

  1. Rewards for lack of creativity and originality. Look at the “musicians” and “artists” that we listen to. Fetty Wap? Nicki Minaj? Drake? Meghan Trainor? We reward these people for singing songs about the same thing over and over again. There is no creativity, no storytelling, nothing besides catchy beats most likely made on a computer of some sort. If we continue rewarding people for their lack of originality that will just tell our youth and those that look up to these people, “Hey you can do what everybody else is doing if you want to.” We will have nobody dreaming of doing anything themselves it will just be people trying to do the same thing rather than trying to create something new.
  2. Overcomplicating our problems. Ironic right? It’s like problem-ception. This a problem about problems within a list of problems. Did I just blow your mind or what? I don’t even know if that’s right but it sounded like it. ANYWAY, we overcomplicate almost everything in our lives. We see somebody saying the wrong thing to another person as a serious problem and try to come up with these ridiculous solutions such as having everybody come together to make them feel better or offering up safe spaces to that person. You want to know what the solution used to be? You simply ignore them and walk away. It’s really quite amazing actually and extremely effective. Rather than holding a parade to celebrate the person overcoming such a travesty (slight hyperbole), let them deal with it on their own.
  3. Inability to swallow our pride. This is a big one for me here. I always hated how in class a teacher would ask a question of some sort that was meant to spark a debate and some student chimed in with “facts” (we’ll call them alternative facts for now (bah dum tss)) that they were unsure of. Then when the teacher or another student rebuttals with actual proof, they refuse to admit they were wrong and continue trying to save themselves. Man up, take a deep breath and admit you were wrong. I promise you that your reputation will not be hurt. If anything it will improve. It takes a lot more for a person to admit they were wrong than it is to continue making useless arguments.
  4. We look to stimulate our senses but not our minds. This is what I like to call Michael Bay Syndrome. How else does this man continue to be allowed to make movies without this fact? The movies are empty of plot and story structure and full of loud noises and pretty explosions. I’m sure if there was ever a way to incorporate smell into a movie, Michael Bay would make it be the smell of bacon the whole time no matter how irrelevant it is. Sorry, had to rant against him a little bit. However, it is true in movies and in many other situations. We are not looking for activities to stimulate our intellectual capabilities and rather we are looking for what looks similar to what we expected or what sounds like what we want to hear.
  5. Expecting things to come to us. Good things come to those who wait. This is a very misleading quote. Sure, sometimes you have to wait for something good to happen, such as a work promotion, however, if you are not actively working towards that promotion, don’t expect it to happen at all. This has been a problem with millennials for some time now. We expect all these things to happen to us for no reason. Everybody graduated college and expected to be employed right away cause they went to class for four years. Congratulations so did millions of other people. You’re not that special. It is a daily grind to get anywhere in life especially these days. If you want good things to happen to you, go out and make them happen and eventually, they will.
  6. We glorify everything because everything is captured on video. The cat is asleep?! OMG take a video! Why? Cats sleep almost all day, it’s not that cool. Moments like these are glorified because of our ability to just take a video whenever we want. Also, the reactions to the videos we get from others is most of the time, completely unnecessary. Now when something worthwhile actually gets captured on video it doesn’t seem that special because the reactions are similar to the reactions of a cat sleeping. Rewarding and glorifying that which does not deserve it, is creating the mindset that everything is worthy of being rewarded and glorified.

America the Diverse, Divided, and Divergent: Part 3 – The Divergent

It’s done. Trump is our president and there is nothing that can be done to change that.

Which is weird because there were so many protests against him becoming president I’m shocked he was allowed considering some people did not want him.

Oh wait, that’s how our country has always and will always operate and I’m not shocked at all.

What really makes me think is how every time we have a new president, people feel the need to tell the other people they were wrong or that this shouldn’t be happening. The times when we need to come together and unite as a country are the times when we diverge ourselves the most.

Protesting is great and all, voicing your opinions is one of the most substantial foundations of our great country. However, when those opinions are voiced and mixed in with violence and rioting, that’s not okay. It is mind-boggling that people would even think to do that during protests that are meant to bring people together. What’s worse, is that in these so called protests, they spend time calling people misogynists, racists, sexist, etc. with no actual proof that they are. And all the while they are crying for unity they are shoving the people whom they don’t agree with, further and further away.

On the other side we have people screaming at the protesters for being unpatriotic. Which is also backwards and hypocritical because exercising the first amendment right to free speech is actually pretty patriotic. Though when these protests resort to violence and burning the American flag that is unpatriotic. But, as it is with the other group, it is a select few and the group of protesters should not be defined by the minority of wrongdoers.

Hypocritical? Yes. Misconstrued? Maybe. The fact that I get to sit and watch people belittle others because of their beliefs while they pretend everything they are doing is correct? Priceless. (that goes for both sides again)

In  politics, as a voter, a supporter, or a bystander, there is no right or wrong. However, people always make it seem that way. Rather than looking at it through the eyes of those on the opposing side, most of us just lash out at them and tell them they’re wrong and that they’re horrible people if they think that way. Instead of coming together to act as one we speak out against anything they do and refuse to help the system. Feel free to argue for your side and against the other but once it steps over the line of a simple debate that’s when people start going crazy.

When it comes down to it, anything President Trump does is met with mass amounts of criticism to tell him that he’s wrong. He could breathe in through his mouth and out through his nose and there would be this gigantic outcry of individuals claiming that he’s wrong. Probably something along the lines of “He can’t even breathe correctly! Why is he our president? We told you we were right!” For example his immigration “ban” that was met with extreme judgement. With claims such as that he’s already resorting to racism towards Muslim people. However, did you know that of the seven countries on this “ban” (Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Syria) only one of them is in the top ten of the list of countries with the highest Muslim population (Iran at number 7)? Meanwhile five of the seven are on the top ten list for global terror (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya at numbers 1, 5, 7, 8, and 9 respectively).

All I am saying is that not everything is what it first appears to be (common sense tip??). Take time to learn what else is going on and try to look at it from different angles, including the opposition’s point of view. Keep in mind this goes for President Trump and his supporters too. If President Trump didn’t want to receive backlash for his plans he should’ve banned all 10 countries in the top ten for global terror. Though he probably still would’ve received plenty of criticism because a number of those countries are on the top ten list of countries with the highest Muslim populations.

President Trump is in an exceptionally tight situation here. It’s almost a lose-lose for him. He is doing what he believes is right for the country and half of us agree and half of us don’t.

In that regard there is nothing new. We will always have disagreements. However, those disagreements are now being transformed into acts of divergence against the other side. California threatening to leave because they didn’t get their way is one of the most stuck up, pathetic things I have heard since I left college. They directly threatened to diverge our country without reason (okay they had a reason but does that actually count?).

All these unusual threats to split this country apart and little-to no attempts at uniting us as one. Our country works the way it does because of our diversity. Rather than exploiting it for personal gain whether it be good or bad, just shut up about it and move on. Do your part and focus on you rather than trying to get other people to participate in life the way you do.

So to all those opposing President Trump and his supporters and to all those opposing the protests and those freely voicing their opinions harmlessly and righteously, I ask you to stop dividing people into groups with defined characteristics. That gets us nowhere. You define the group with certain characteristics that most of them more than likely don’t possess. I am not asking for everybody to like everybody or to even accept them but follow your own beliefs and let others follow theirs. We need to work on creating a unified people rather than diverging whatever unity we have left. And when I say we I mean all of us, myself included.

America the Diverse, Divided, and Divergent: Part 2 – The Divided

Now, this was my first time voting and really paying attention to the results and what they mean to everybody so this could be way out of line, but it seems to me that more people, specifically millennials, are crying out (and actually crying) in opposition to the election results. However, some of the older generations are taking this just like any other election and admitting defeat and moving on with their lives.

Why is it that millennials are taking it harder than everybody else? Could it be that they have more passion? Or maybe that they still have a lot of maturing to do before they know how to handle a situation like this? I’m not completely sure, it could be both or it could be neither.

One thing I know for sure from this past week is that millennials feel entitled, they feel like they know what is right and what is wrong. Which confused me so much because that also reminds me a lot of our new President-Elect, Donald Trump.

For those of you who don’t know yet there have been several colleges offering safe spaces, cry-ins, etc. for those who didn’t like the outcome of the election. Here it makes it extremely hard for me not to use some bad language because oh my god why would you do that? Are you really that weak-willed? Really that entitled? You didn’t get what you want you have to go cry with other entitled cry-babies?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I saw an email posted online (above) in which the teacher allowed students to not do an assignment and gave extra credit to those who did… YOU GOT EXTRA CREDIT FOR DOING WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO. Where were these teachers when I was in school (which wasn’t that long ago damn it!)? That is pathetic. I have no other word for it. This is what leads everybody to believe we are creating a weak youth and that millennials are a weak generation.

Right now the several Hillary supporters conducting this sort of activity are on par with children. Immature, spoiled children. But not just any child, they are the child you see screaming and crying at Toys “R” Us because mommy didn’t buy them the toy they wanted. However, and I’m just taking a wild shot in the dark here, I’m going to guess that their parents were the ones that said “Oh okay sweetie let’s go buy that toy too.” Rather than having the sort of parents that I did that either A – told you everybody was looking at you and laughing at you and that you were embarrassing yourself or B – smacked you.

They have become the type of people that legitimately say “I know what they want/need, they don’t know what they want/need.” Which is odd because last time I checked not everybody wants the same thing which is the glory of this country.

“But wait, there’s more!” – Billy Mays, R.I.P. Billy (Fun fact when Facebook groups were still a thing I started one called R.I.P. Billy Mays and got like 50 people to join and it was the highlight of my life so far). Anyways, there is more, millions of her supporters who happen to mostly be college students (SHOCKER) are protesting and rioting and burning the American flag. Now remember back to when I reverted everybody to my article about The Radical 1% because there is far more than 1% of Hillary supporters lashing out irrationally.

Screaming things like “F*ck Donald Trump” and “Not my President” which is odd to me because, though he isn’t your president now, he was elected so he will be their president eventually so not only are they extremely disrespectful but they’re also wrong. I’ve seen things like people saying and posting that Trump supporters are racists and misogynists and the hypocrisy that they fail to see in that bewilders me. You are putting people into a group and stereotyping them… I’ll wait. There do you get it now? You have become what you hate.

Now the other side of it is not much better. The Trump supporters are coming out from under their shells to make sure the Hillary supporters get what the Trump supporters believe they deserve.

On a completely different end of the arrogant spectrum is where you’ll find some of the Trump supporters. Such arrogance like making fun of the Hillary supporters, continuously posting statuses to egg on the protests and riots, and even in the most extreme cases resorting to extreme prejudice and racism. It’s as if they always thought they were right then the election somehow proved that they were…

Just like it is with the Hillary supporters it is not all of them that are doing this but it is enough to be noticeable. Since I do like to focus on the millennials I will go ahead and say I have found very little and maybe almost zero examples of a millennial Trump supporter turn to prejudice and racism towards anybody post-election. The racism seems to be coming mostly from older Trump supporters, which, in that case you can’t blame Trump. They were most likely already racist, Trump didn’t make them racist.

Back to my generation. What I do see many millennial Trump supporters doing is adding fuel to the fire. Constantly making sure their opposition knows that they won and that they were right just for the fun of it. Why? Why would you do that? You beat them. Beating them more has no purpose. Telling them they are wrong serves no purpose. Let them work it out on their own as you had to when Obama won (twice). If that includes protesting and safe spaces, so be it. It was your chance to prove you could be the bigger people and you lost. It continues to be a battle of bullies and cry-babies.

Now, I’ll ask everybody, who looks worse: the person who purposely starts the forest fire or the person who attempts to put it out with gasoline? They both look pretty bad though my vote would go to the one trying to put it out with gasoline.

Our country has become the equivalent of two people blaming each other for what has happened with the failure to see they are both working towards achieving the same goal.

P.S. This scene from Step Brothers is exactly how I envision Hillary supporters the day after the election (just substitute the word “dad” with president and “Robert” with Donald). Or make this a Joe Biden meme, either way I just think it’s hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSzPoSpl2yM

P.P.S. Really??? http://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/ucsd-students-block-highway-traffic-to-protest-donald-trump-girl-promptly-hit-by-a-car/?utm_campaign=SocialflowFB&utm_source=BarstoolUFB&utm_medium=Socialflow

P.P.P.S. I wanted to post something funny or a news story about Trump supporters but everything is either Joe Biden memes or extremely racist so I elected not to.

America the Diverse, Divided, and Divergent: Part 1 – The Diverse

I have been thinking of and working on this one for a long time. Much like the people of the U.S. have been waiting on this election for a long time, I have been waiting for something to happen that would finally break us apart.

And it seems the election has begun to do so.


First thing I want to do is reassure everybody that I did not take sides in this election. I was observing the election from afar but never getting involved. I did not like either side and felt each side had their pros and cons (as they always do.) However, in the end I was unable to choose which one I preferred and so I write this to you from a neutral perspective though some might find it one sided at times.

This entire election I saw from the beginning how historic it was going to be and how meaningful it was to everybody. So rather than pay much attention to each candidate and what they did, I started giving all of my attention to their supporters to see how they acted and what really defined them. Trump supporters were labeled as radical extremists, racists, misogynists, etc. and Hillary supporters were labeled PC, soft, weak-willed, etc. But, was that really the truth?

It seemed as if a war was going to break out between the supporters; the hate and love for each side was incredible, like nothing I have seen before. However, was there a side more radical than the other? Or were they equally as bad in nature? I had a lot of questions as you might imagine.

There always seemed to be tension between the sides, and I hate to be cliché but I can’t think of any other way to put it, but tension that you could cut with a knife. This tension was not going anywhere either, if anything it would only get worse.

The protests that went on during Trump rallies, the protests that blocked traffic from getting to Trump rallies, etc. little did they know that they were trying to protest democracy (which I know you have now heard several times after the election but I’m saying it anyway). They were protesting the freedoms given to the people and the presidential candidate by our great country. Protesters that thought they were right and so they took what action they thought was correct and *tried* to prevent the other side from even having a voice is astounding to me. When you look at it, they were protesting what they were fighting for and it baffles me to the highest degree.

That’s not to say there weren’t injustices done by the other side because there were numerous. However, the Trump supporters fit the bill of my previous article about The Radical 1%. There are an extreme 1% of Trump supporters that take things too far and give their group a bad name by being racist and bigoted idiots. That by no means provides them an excuse however, it needs to be realized that not every single Trump supporter is like that. Politics is about compromises and some people preferred his economic policies and what not to those of Hillary’s and if that meant compromising some political correctness (as seen by them) then they were okay with that.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes before you judge them. You know, the thing we were taught as children that we so easily seem to forget these days.

All these fights and protests kept going until the very end, November 8th and unlike many people I could not wait to see the results as I was so interested to see how both sides would react either way. I had my thoughts and ideas of what may happen if this side won or if that side won, and many of my “predictions” (I’ll call them that loosely as I have no proof I predicted these as I tend to keep to myself on social media) actually came to be a reality.

It has now become “The Entitled vs. The Crazy.”

The Radical 1%

I did not decide to write this in light of recent events, this has been in my library of topics to touch on for quite some time now. However, there was more motivation to write about it now because of what has happened in the past week.

Of course I am talking about the awful tragedy in Orlando.

Now after this terrible event just like most others, people come out and start spouting their opinions and smearing them all over social media. Which can be a good thing as long as you can find a way to debate respectively and not yell at each other about why their opinion is “wrong.” It’s not wrong it’s just different from yours.

But I digress.

This post is about how you and whatever group, religion, race, etc. you belong to are and forever will be defined by the radical and super-vocal 1%.

I will start off by saying what terrible form of judgement by the rest of us, and most of us are guilty of it.

African Americans? Defined by the radical 1% that perform violent crimes. Islamic people? Seen as terrorists because of awful tragedies such as this one. Americans? Perceived as ignorant, arrogant, unappreciative, privileged humans because we have pride in our country. Police? All people see are trigger happy, racists with a gun and a badge. Gun owners? They are all hillbilly, rednecks who want guns for shits and giggles according to everybody else.

Now, these all couldn’t be more wrong. And keep in mind those are just a few generalizations of groups; there are so many perceptions for countless organizations, religions, etc. The amount of people that do not possess these attributes yet associate those groups belittles the amount of people that do possess the attributes.

The two I find most fascinating are the perceptions of police and gun owners. And I simply could not hold my tongue any longer.

I see videos all over the internet (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) of people trying to disobey and disrespect police officers just for the fun of it. For example, I saw an awful video of a man who had been tasered by a police officer because he refused to get out of his vehicle. As a result he may have permanent brain damage, which is terrible. However, when a police officer asks you to get out of the car, why in all of hell would you say no unless you have something to hide? I know you have your rights and I respect that, but they are simply trying to do their job. Which by the way in case any of you forgot is to PROTECT AND SERVE not beat and kill. Help them help you and the rest of the general public.

Another cop hating video surfaced this week of some guy at a DUI checkpoint claiming to not answer any questions until he can speak with a supervisor (watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dh9Za9M1HQ). Again, if you have nothing to hide, what the hell are you doing? You are full-on being a legitimate piece of sh!t and I really do not have any other way to word it. I wish I did. Just let the guy do his damn job. There are no cops that will walk into a McDonald’s and tell the employees they can’t make the food for other customers. It’s just dumb. Don’t argue with the cops. Unlike many of us who do our jobs simply to make our lives better, they do their jobs to make all of our lives better. It’s a very lost opinion in our millennial generation and I think we need to step up our level of respect for those who serve whether it be police officers, fire fighters, or those in the military.

On to the gun owners who have come under a lot of recent fire ((p)unintended) (I hate myself sometimes) because of the recent events in Orlando. Gun owners are now being seen as trigger-happy psychopaths because of a few certain idiots.

Responsible gun owners from all over are voicing their outrage towards those calling for gun banishment which is extremely reasonable. What is unreasonable, is gun banishment. One, it will never happen. Two, it will never work.

I have heard gun owners of all shapes and sizes and be all for a form of gun control that will not allow people who have been investigated by the FBI to buy a gun. There can be an agreement that the laws behind purchasing a fire arm need to be stricter in some if not most states. It is when the people that lean too far right or too far left argue that their ideas are better when in reality, meeting somewhere in the middle is more than likely the right choice.

This about where most people will come in and argue “Why do you need an assault rifle?” Why do you need a 70 inch TV? Why do you need shoes that cost over $200? Why do you need bottled water when you can get it for free from a tap?

Because this is America and we want it and our capitalistic society allows us to indulge ourselves to satisfy our wants and needs whatever they may be.

You want to go shooting for sport and for fun in a safe, controlled environment? That’s awesome I know plenty of people who do that. There should not be anything stopping a completely sane person from indulging themselves in their desires. If you try to prevent them from doing that and then go indulge yourself in clothes, movies, and other materialistic goods, you are no better than they are and are, in fact, a hypocrite.

So to sum it up, look past the few vocal minorities of a group to see the good-practicing members of that group because there are almost 482 times as many good people in any group as there are bad people. Whether it be for a religion, an association, political party, race or whatever, take the time to get to know more than the bare minimum about them. Only after that should you make judgements.

The Internet is our Brain

These days everything and anything we need is on the internet somewhere which severely cuts down the amount of time we spend thinking about something.

As always, I am an enormous accuser of this rule.

Don’t know that actor? Google it. Don’t know the answer to that homework problem? Google it. Not sure what year the Declaration of Independence was signed? It was 1776 you communist…

I kid I kid. Just Google it!

Yes it is actually 1776 so don’t actually go and Google it to fact check me.

However, getting back to the point, the internet has become a resource of knowledge for all those who have grown up and are growing up with it. Between Google, social media, Wikipedia, etc. kids are losing the ability to think and solve problems for themselves. If they are stuck or confused they have the answer right in the palm of their hands.

It’s similar to having the answers in the back of the book (ahh the good ol’ high school days where you try to convince your teacher to give you just odd problems because those answers were in the back). But we very rarely were given just odds. But I digress. We still had to solve those even problems by ourselves and once we began solving them, we found out it was quite simple and actually easier than looking up the answers.

These days you can Google a quiz question or a homework question and there will be websites that give you the answer to that problem and every other problem from that quiz or assignment. Kids don’t have to use their brain anymore because the internet is their brain.

I remember when I was a child playing video games I would spend hours exploring and battling my way through the game just to find this one thing, and eventually I would. These days kids just look up where it is and that’s it. No exploring, no battling, no fun! Again, I digress.

We could use these new superpowers (they are superpowers because you have the ability to know everything and anything that has ever happened practically) for good and we could use them in a way to better our future but we don’t. We are using these powers for evil.

It’s not so much the fact that we can do this, it’s more of the principle behind it. The principle of teaching kids “Oh you don’t actually have to think to solve problems you can just Google it.” That way when they get to the real world and they have a problem with somebody they are going to act all confused and then turn to Google and ask “How do you ask a girl out?” or “How do I find new friends?”

These are actual problems too because I remember having them. I remember going to my parents or my siblings or solving the problems myself! But they have never done that before so they don’t even know how to do that.

The internet is the single greatest resource of knowledge on our planet (besides Neil deGrasse Tyson obviously) and if we continue to abuse it and use it for meaningless purposes, we will continue to grow less and less intelligent as time goes on. Critical thinking and problem solving will be a thing of the past.

Common Sense Tip of the Week: #7

#7 – Know when enough is enough.

Ahh I can hear it now. My parents screaming at me telling me to know when enough is enough. Only fitting that I heard it again last week from my mom regarding these articles. I wrote my previous article this week because she made me realize I had lost track of what this blog was supposed to be. Therefore this will be my last common sense tip. So here goes.

Knowing when enough is enough is such a disregarded rule of thumb nowadays that it sometimes can come off as a talent. Me being one of the biggest abusers of this rule, go above and beyond “enough” quite often. Mainly because I like to stretch my limits and see how far I can take it. However that usually ends in somebody being angry with me or me just coming off as a jerk. Taking things to that length simply creates problems that are unnecessary and, most of the time, stupid. Next time, somebody is short with you because you take things too far, look back on what you did. Chances are you’ll sit there and wonder what you were thinking and why you would do that. Next time you are testing the limits just stop to think what will the consequences be if you keep taking things a step further.

Now that I am all done with these common sense tips there was simply just one reason for these: take some time to think rationally before acting. Not everything you do will be in a rational state of mind so if you need some time to think about the consequences of what you are doing or about to do, just take that extra minute. That and listen to your parents and elders, they know more than you do. So thanks to my mom and dad and my brother and sister for always teaching me these lessons, even though I probably never actually followed them when I was younger.

Memories and Making them Great

Memories are some of the most amazing things we have and they should not be taken lightly. However, lately we have forgotten how to make them great.

Constantly I am seeing Snapchat stories filled with over ten, yes TEN, minutes of videos while people are at a concert. Why? Is what’s happening on that app more exciting than the concert? Are you too busy seeking affection and approval from others that your forget you are at a concert?

Memories are made through an experience, not through photos and videos. When you take a video or photo of your experience rather than experiencing it, you won’t have as much to reminisce on later. Don’t get me wrong photos and videos can help you remember your experiences better but don’t focus on making the photos your memories.

It comes down to whether or not you want to remember the event or remember what pictures you took while you were there. This is a lost value in our generation as we have great photography tools in the palm of our hands. Combine that with the need to let everybody know what we are doing at all times just to seek approval and affection from them, we no longer make our memories through the experience but rather through a poorer quality version of the event. That is what pictures and videos are; a lesser quality version of what was actually happening.

Starting at a young age my parents taught me the value of an experience and I never truly grasped it until I was a senior in high school. My parents made sure to take us on great vacations, from traveling across the country in an RV with my whole family for a month to experiencing Italy with all my friends and family to going to several sports events. Through these vacations and adventures I learnt that it wasn’t about where we were going but about immersing yourself in the experience. Enjoy being there, enjoy being with those that are close to you, experience the differences to your everyday life and take those memories that you made there back with you.

Compare that to your focus being on capturing a great picture anywhere you go. Again not saying photos are a bad thing, just make sure you have your priorities in order. Experience first, photos second. You will have a much better time looking back at your experience through your own memory than you will looking back through all your photos and videos.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this blog post is only 442 as of right now. So pictures can definitely tell a story and help us relive a past experience, just be sure that next time you’re at some sort of concert, vacation or whatever, to make your experience great with those that are there with you. Do not focus on making your experience seem great to those people that aren’t even there with you because in the moment those people don’t matter.

If you don’t experience life it makes it hard to look back at what you did and say it was worth it. Just live your life and live it to its full potential and do not have any regrets at the end. Focus on living in the here and now rather than living in our virtual world of social media and the internet.

Common Sense Tip of the Week: #6

#6 – Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Such a simple and overlooked rule. It comes off negative sometimes as well which is probably why so many people choose to shy away from it. However, this rule went out the door as soon as social media became a thing and maybe even before that with cell phones and instant messaging. It was no longer don’t ask, don’t tell and instead it was just tell. Go around telling people everything about your life. Why? Sincerely I do not care what you just ate or where you were last night. If I did care about that stuff guess what, I would have asked you about it! See how this works? Pretty simple. This just means that everybody is going around telling their online “friends” things that they do not need to know nor do they care about. This then creates the impression to the posters that people do care because they don’t know any better. I have said this for a while and I will continue saying it: Giving everybody a voice is social media’s biggest strength and their greatest weakness.


P.S. Back to the self-awareness post, I know I fit this mold perfectly because of this blog but hey, had people not liked it I would have stopped already.

Common Sense Tip of the Week: #5

#5- Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park (one of my favorite movies ever)

I was having a nice discussion with a friend of mine as we were waiting for class to start and this idea came up and I immediately thought to myself “That’s going to be my tip of the week.” So here it is! We were having a discussion about politics at the time and how many young adults choose not to vote. Us being two of them. Now, before I experience extreme backlash from my entire family (which I already have the first time I said this) let me explain. I do not follow anything politics mainly because I am a college student and I spend my time enjoying my last year of freedom before I hit the real world. I watch the candidate’s supporters and observe their behavior because that interests me, I do not follow the actual candidates; I don’t know their policies, ideas, personalities, anything of that sort. So our reasoning was why should we vote if we have no idea what is going on? Just go to the booth and flip a coin? No. Just because I can vote doesn’t mean I should. We went off on this topic for a little while quickly moving away from politics to other discussions yet still revolving around the same idea. We talked about students and the irrational decisions they make because they are in college. When you are out drinking and thinking another tequila shot would be great, remember this.