Generation Why Blogging is a simple blog about the millennial generation and the logic behind why we do the things that we do. The posts are an attempt to dig deeper into the mind of our generation and to generate response and thoughts on the topics posted. Whether negative or positive, responses are an important aspect of this blog and will help the readers to see topics from another point of view. This blog is strongly opinionated but not judgmental in any way whatsoever, giving you, the readers, free reign to say whatever is on your mind as we will be doing the same.

Another aspect of this blog is to provide some millennials who have grown up under mommy and daddy’s wings a little glimpse into reality. It will spread some harsh truths out there that some may or may not like and that’s okay. As I mentioned above it is not my intention to have everybody agree with me it is my intention to provoke everybody to think about what is actually happening around them. Being aware of the harsh realities in our society is just one simple step towards making this world a better place.


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