Religion and the Millennials

Alright so this extremely touchy subject may disappoint some of you but I’m going to do it anyway because it’s Sunday so why not.

In the millennial generation we are filled with diversity throughout race, genders, and especially religion. We are filled with Islams, Jews, Catholics, Atheists, etc. that are thrown together in a huge melting pot of diversity, and it is not always exactly pretty. However, in the new wave of PC culture everybody is going around preaching acceptance of everyone.

Now, acceptance is a nice idea and all but we have it all wrong. Nobody should accept everybody that’s just stupid. There will always be people whom you don’t like; whether they are black, white, Christian, Jewish, fat, skinny, tall, or short, there will always be people you don’t want to accept into your life. It’s natural.

However, with all the freedom fighters and preachers and PC, safe space, trigger happy (that was a play on words for those who don’t know, PC people get “triggered” if they find something offensive), agents of acceptance, if I do not like somebody and that person happens to be a different race, gender, or religion than me, I get blamed for being racist, sexist, etc.

We preach acceptance when we really mean to preach against discrimination. Our generation has our priorities all mixed up. There are those who will discriminate for not accepting which is so backwards I can’t even (for all the basic sorority girls out there, you’re welcome).

This is one of my favorite aspects of our generation in our world today: the misunderstanding of acceptance and non-discrimination. If I were to discriminate against somebody and actually be racist by saying something along the lines of “All Muslims are terrorists.” then yes you can discriminate against me freely. However, if I were to say something along the lines of “I don’t like to hang out with Catholics.” then that isn’t me discriminating that is a personal opinion. You have every right to not hang out with certain people and by doing so you aren’t discriminating against them you are simply not accepting them.

Before this post gets too long I will finish with this: There is no need to accept everybody but do not discriminate against certain people for their beliefs or color of their skin or whatever else. If we accepted everybody into our life it would be chaos. Everybody would be walking around with smiles on their face all the time always waving to each other and everybody would agree on everything. Conflict is a necessary aspect of our society and we always see it as a bad thing when it isn’t. There are such things as healthy conflicts but when everybody is too busy pointing fingers for discrimination when really we are simply following our own paths, unhealthy conflicts arise.

Don’t discriminate anybody. Don’t accept everybody.


2 thoughts on “Religion and the Millennials

    • Well Zooba Squeeb the Fifth, if that is your real name… In relation to this post, we do not need to accept these poopers but it is up to us to be the bigger person and not discriminate against them no matter how discriminatory the poopers can be.


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